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The Truth About Prostitution: How Terrible Is It?


Hollywood movies and popular media sometimes glamorized the concept of prostitution. It can make it seem empowering, simple, and like an easy path to wealth. But the truth is, prostituion is an ugly, vulgar, humilating job that no woman should have to be subjected to. No one in their right mind would willingly want to do it. There’s a reason 95% of streetwalkers are addicted to Class A drugs- it’s to get out of their heads and to dull the shame from what they’re having to do. True, most of them do have a choice, other than young girls who are pimped out by charismatic older guys, but once you are in the buisness, it seems impossible to break free. It’s a fact that one makes quite a bit more money than they would at a normal, minimum wage job, but is it worth it?


            First of all, it does not equal job security. Because one day, inevitably, you will be old, faded, used up…good looks don’t last forever. It’s the young, pretty girls who make great money, not the overweight or graying or strung out. Sorry, but you know I’m right. What if somehow you have an accident and end up paralyzed, blind, or very physichally scarred? What then? You won’t even be able to make enough to pay your hospital bills, much less to live on. You won’t get unemployment or any kind of compensation for your loss. No matter how beautiful or physichally fit you are, you will not be guaranteed a job. Don’t make a career out of something so superficial. They say men will screw anything…but many of the men I know are picky, choosy. They don’t want anyone diseased, or anyone unattractive. You can start out young, but the game is up by the time your forty, earlier for most. There is no stability in life as a prostitute.


            It’s degrading. There is nothing more humilating than catering to a bunch of older men with strange fetishes or young guys who think they’re hot shit and expect special treatment. You will have to leave your comfort zone. As if it’s not bad enough to be sleeping with people you aren’t attracted to, you’ll have to do things you would never otherwise do, just because you need the cash. You’ll learn to deal with it- anal, swallowing, foot fetishes, creampies, licking anuses- they’ll all happen eventually, whether you try to enforce your boundaries or not. You can say you’ll never do anything so vile, but when you really need the money one day…well, who’s to say you won’t give in? You’ll feel shame and despair over the loss of your dignity, and hardly be able to look at your reflection anymore. You’ll feel used and abused, sick at heart with the knowledge at what you have become. These men don’t care about you. They barely know you. You’re basically just a blow up doll to them, and your feelings are generally not their concern. Even if you like sex, even if you’re not picky about your sexual partners, you will come to hate what you do.


            People seem to forget that not only is it illegal, cops take prostituion very seriously in most places. You can have to pay heavy fines or do stints in jail, or even prison. And it will be on your record for everyone to see, which makes it harder to find another job later. It’s easy to get busted. All it takes is you catching the cops attention, and they’ll wait till you slip up. Maybe it is just a misdemeanor in most places, but do you really want to go to jail? With today’s internet, your mugshot can be found easily on a google search. Think about future relationships and friendships that will be affected by the knowledge that you were once a working girl. Even if you don’t get caught, you are breaking the law and may reap the consequences. Prostitution is illegal for many good reasons- it’s dangerous, it’s not taxable, it’s a quick way to spread STDs, it’s immoral, and many girls get forced into it by human trafficking and sex slavery.


            Society as a whole will judge you. They will cast their frosty gaze upon you and exile you. No, people, for the most part, do NOT understand why you sold your body. Prostitutes suffer a great deal of hatred and dislike for their proffession. Think of the wives and girlfriends of the men that go see these girls. How hurt they are when they find out. Would you want someone you love paying someone else for ‘companionship’? And, if you work as a prostitute, it makes your own personal relationships very hard. There’s two types of men who date hookers- pimps, and guys who hope they can get past it and change her. Most of these relationships are not lasting, loving relationships. Because, guys will not understand. They will be jealous that other people are sleeping with you, day after day. Your family will likely disown you, or at the very least criticize every choice you make. People do not look well on prostitution. It’s the oldest profession…and the most terrible.


            The biggest reasons are obvious- risk of STDs and pregnancy. Both are always possible, no matter how careful one tries to be. AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphillis, HPV…don’t let it happen to you. It’s embarressing, and life threatening, to catch a sexually transmitted disease. There are so many out there, and 40% of prostitutes are already infected. As for pregnancy…how would you know who the father was? How would you raise a baby in that envirorment?What if you gave your child HIV? It would be cruel no matter what the outcome was. No child wants to know their mother was a whore.


            All that being said…and I’m sure it wasn’t particularly well written, I’ll admit…I just hope young girls, really anyone, even men, think before letting themselves end up posting on backpage or working the streets. It doesn’t end happily. I’m 18, and I do work as a prostitute, and have for the past year. I hate it, I’m ashamed, and obviously, I realize it was a poor decision. Think before you end up like me, or like the millions of people already living this way. And I want others to know the truth about what this life is like, all the risks and downsides. “Easy money” doesn’t equate to “easy life.”





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  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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